Sunday, October 09, 2011

Pray for my friend Cari

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Chris and I have become good friends with another pastor's family here in the valley. Josh is the Pastor of Trinity Bible and he and Chris study most every Saturday night side by side at the local McDonalds together. I have been blessed to meet and get to know his wife Cari this year! Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Being a friend, so close in age, a mom, a fellow pastor's wife, the news hit me hard. I'm so grateful for the promises in God's word to surround ourselves with when trials come. I have been inspired by Cari's evident faith in him as she is processing the news and beginning her fight. One of the things I have always loved about Cari is she is real. She says it how it is and speaks her heart. Her blog is no different. Take a look at it as you join me in praying for her! You will most definitely be encouraged by her genuineness and faith!

Cari's Blog

Last weekend she asked me to take some family pictures for them before she began Chemo. They told her she would start losing her hair within a week or so. These pictures are just beautiful... not because of me but because of what they represent. Take a look!

Tara D Photography

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Amy said...

My mother and sister in law have both had breast cancer in the past few years. It seems rampant...every time I turn around someone else. Praising God with you that your friend worships the King and praying with you for her recovery!!