Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grateful for Social Media

I've neglected this blog for awhile. I've struggled with the why. Why keep it up? Facebook is so much more efficient for the little things. This blog isn't special in any one area. This isn't a food blog, or a share my deep knowledge blog, or a follow my adoption blog.  It's just kind of a "here's" my life take it or leave it blog and that just hasn't been enough to keep me going.

Something very sad happened this week. Something so sad that I said, "If THIS happens I will quit photography and everything extra in my life and just curl up in a corner and cry."Then a few days ago the call came and "THIS" happened.

See being a photographer takes up a TON of space on your computer. Having three to four sessions a week, what I can often average in the fall, can not be held on a computer. This winter if became evident it was time to upgrade pretty much everything. I needed a faster computer, the newer version of photoshop, and some new ways of backing up photographs and video's. But there just wasn't anytime so I kept going and going and going. Meanwhile dumping EVERYTHING I loved onto this one hard drive. Newborn photo's, video's of Lexie coming home, her first days, her first laugh, her first step. Need I go on. And for some reason, unbeknownst to me, it just died and all those photo's and video's were ruined by a piece of plastic that scratched away each captured memory. My poor husband didn't even know how to tell me. He just sat across the table after dinner was over and the kids were off playing and said babe it's all gone. Unrecoverable. I cried. Hard. And after crying I reminded myself I'd rather have my children alive then their photo's and video's saved. Then I cried a little more. I still tear up even writing this. I'm sure at some point I'll forgive myself. In all honestly I thought we had Mozy going on our computer but come to find out it was just on Chris'. Ugh.

The night Chris shared the news with me I was unable to sleep.  I found myself visiting this blog. The blog that had very little meaning to me until this point and cried and gave thanks for every post I wrote and every picture I shared. It's not all lost. I also found I had some of my favorite photo's in accounts like Costco photo, flickr, shutterfly and I've been storing a good amount the past six month on smugmug. Even facebook has a few video's and pictures full resolution! Social media to the rescue.

So I'm back. I see more clearly the why. Life may not ever slow down over here but I have to make it slow down enough to where I have enough time to do the little things that matter to me. Blog and back up :)

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