Thursday, June 15, 2006

Justification For Mothers

Our church has just concluded a four week series for mom's and the last message was done by our Sr. Pastor Rich Richardson on Justification from Galatians 2:16. It was outstanding! I thought I would share some of my notes for all of my mom friends out there or for anyone who needs to be freshly reminded of Justification.

Justification: Our status before God, legal term, absolved of all guilt, right before God, totally accepted.

Meaning God's love is not based on your actions.... so as a mom when I've missed a week or two of my quiet times God's love for me hasn't changed. Or when I sin in anger against my children, God's love for me hasn't changed. Or when I see a sin pattern in my life that just keeps coming back, God's love for me hasn't changed. Justification is not something that comes and goes. Why? Because it not how good I can do but how good Christ has done for me. We can't smuggle works into our justification.

This was so encouraging to me- I often try to bring works into my salvation or acceptance before God. My temptation is condemnation- especially when it comes to mothering. I am so aware of what I can or should do better, aware of my weakness but instead of being driven to the Cross and the Gospel I am driven to condemnation.

He gave us Four Symptoms that may appear when Justification is NOT functioning:
1. When we see our children's sin as a reflection on us not a as a blessing.
* We should praise God when our children's sin is revealed because it give us an opportunity to deal with their hearts and point them back to their need for a Savior.
* Our children's sin doesn't change God's opinion of me
2. Morally neutral things become "big" issues ex:scheduling, schooling etc.
* Principal is we are called under our husband's leadership to lead our children in the nurture & admonition of the Lord. We are to teach them the Gospel, methods of doing this will look different for every family.
3. We regularly compare ourselves or other moms
4. Easily overwhelmed ( THIS ONE HIT HOME FOR ME )
* We can't live for expectations- thinking my day needs to go according to schedule or a certain way for it to be a good day.
* It's a good day because I have been saved from the wrath of my sin and I am completely justified before the Lord!

A few of my own thoughts:
This doesn't change the fact that we are called to train our children and live according to the word, but I believe having a solid understanding of Justification can change motives. For me I still need to seek time in the word, but not because it effects my standing before the Lord but rather my deep love & need for the savior drives me to want to spend time with him. I can still schedule out my day and the children's day but not because I "have" to in order to be a good mom but because I think this would best bring honor to the Lord for the day. And when it doesn't go according to plan, as often it doesn't, I don't let it effect how I view myself as a mother because God does not view me in this light.

I praise God for this amazing truth!


anne said...

great thoughts. Thanks for sharing this!

Shawnda said...

AMEN, sister! Thanks for sharing!!! I've been sharing some areas where I've been feeling guilt and shame vs forgiveness and rest in what Jesus accomplished on the cross!!! Just what you shared here! So GOOD!!! There's so MUCH of that that I can relate to as a mom AND a wife!!! I think those are 2 of the most difficult jobs in the world!!!! But that's just my opinion! : )

Naomiruth said...

I'm not a mom, but I definitely need to grow in consistent awareness of justification. thanks for sharing.