Saturday, October 21, 2006

Biblical Womanhood By Example

I'd like to highlight another point of Dave Harvey's message today.

" The primary role of the pastor's wife is to serve and support her husband and family. But this role carries a wonderful secondary opportunity- to use her position of influence towards affirming biblical womanhood through women's ministry and MODELING biblical femininity to the church as outlined in Prov. 31 and 1 Tim 2 & Titus 2".

In this season of small children it often takes everything I have to serve and support my husband and family. And although my days of meeting with ladies outside the home are few and far between, I still have the privilege and calling to model biblical femininity as I serve & support Chris and the kids. Dave Harvey pointed out that "they" the church, particularly women, are watching. I am never more aware of eyes watching than on Sunday morning as I stroll in by myself with three children four and under. Usually with one of them crying and yes, usually it's Trevor putting up a fight as I lug him over the gate into nursery and run. Which is now so conveniently located right out front in the main lobby. For everyone walking into to church to see. It is a humbling experience!

This morning as I mopped my floors, for a second time in less than 24hrs, the Lord brought a faithful biblical woman to mind. Someone that I have had the privilege to watch. We had singles care group at our house last night and close to 30 people came. It was wonderful! Or so I hear, sorry guys.... I had to bail out early. I think all the mopping tired me out ;-) Knowing and hoping to have a couple who are unbelievers over after church tomorrow I began to mop, again, in preparation for their company. It was then that the Lord brought this woman to mind. She was my singles pastor's wife WAY back when. I think they've known me since I was like 13, right guys? Anyway, a deeper appreciation grew in my heart for her and her faithful hospitality each week for us as singles. None of us were there while she prepared her home and often meals for us each week, having three children of her own. We were just beneficiaries of her marvelous gifting in hospitality. We were always greeted with joy and left with her thanking US for coming into her home. Her example has inspired me in my hospitality to the singles that Chris and I have the privilege to minister to. So thank you Carol. Thank you for your example in Biblical Womanhood. I pray that I too may be a faithful example to my church in displaying biblical womanhood.

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Anonymous said...

That was very kind and we count the priviledge of serving in those days as great.