Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Place For The Monkey

Chris and I have been talking for the past year in regards to our backyard. It has been our desire to create a place where they can go out and play, use their imagination and provide Trevor with an outlet for his incessant desire to climb. Preferably something other than our toy box, couch, table... you get the point. The boy loves to climb! Well after much thought and research, mostly done, by Papa D, we settled on this play set. Chris, his dad and brother spent all day monday working to build this set. Thank you so much guys! Here are the results.

Before Picture

The After photo leads to happy kids!

There's the monkey! I admit I was a little worried that this would be to difficult for Trevor. But after two tries he figured out how to get up the rock climbing wall... Impressive!

Taylor has had a lot of imaginative fun here! She calls this her pirate ship.

Special thanks to Papa D, who spent his first two weeks of retirement devoted to making this happen!!


Sussy said...

oh it looks SO much nicer when it's NOT pitch black outside and can only see a shawdow of it :o) and Trevor IS a little climber, yesterday he kept on climbing on the dinning table while I was eating and showing something to Taylor on my ibook, it all makes sense now.

andrea said...

SOOOO cool! talk about every kid's dream come true! my brother and i have MANY fond memories of HOURS spent on in our playhouse/tower. :-)

andrea said...

ok so i know i already commented, but i just had to say how cute your kiddos are and how much i just LOVE them! :-)