Thursday, January 11, 2007

Random Musings

Last night concluded my birthday celebration. Due to the singles retreat Chris and I didn't celebrate last week. My birth "day" didn't go uncelebrated though. In addition to having us over for a dinner celebration last Sunday , my mom took me out to lunch on my birthday. We had a great lunch with no kids. Which is a rarity. I never totally understood the desire to "celebrate" on my actual birthday until becoming a mom. I now can see that even if we picked a different day to recognize one of our kids birthday. It still wouldn't change the fact that however many years ago on that day I went into labor and gave birth to that precious child. So I appreciate you mom and your calls and desire to see me on January 3rd throughout the years! For my
birthday my parents gave me a massage certificate. I'm really excited to cash that in! Last night Chris and I went and had a steak dinner at the Keg. Did you know that if you get on their mailing list they send you a free steak and lobster meal card for your birthday month. This is the second time Chris and I have gone for my birthday. It's an amazing deal and outstanding food! I love their steak and they bring out this tasty butter dip to compliment the lobster. It's enough food that we end up sharing the meal. So when it's all said and done we get a $40
meal for whatever our drinks cost. Afterwards we went to Gainey ranch,see last post. We sat and listened to live music and drank coffee. In keeping with tradition, I opened up my gifts there. One being a Leeland CD . I have really enjoyed it. They have a song called Beautiful Lord that is
great. They are more of an alternative band with a slight pop sound. Another CD that I have been listening to a lot that I keep meaning to post about is the new West
Coast Revival
album. I like their west coast sound. And if
you think you've heard them because of the fuse
cd that was out recently, their new album is much different. The song called House of the Lord is one of my daughter and I's favorite. They were recently interviewed for the New
Attitude website
. Chris also gave me another coffee press. The Dustin's kindly got us this gift before they left town in November. But the other day when I was cleaning it out I reached to turn the sink off and it crashed and broke. I was devastated! As this has been my favorite way to drink coffee. Chris was kind enough to replace it. Did you know drinking coffee from a french press reduces the acid? Works great for a coffee loving person like me with chronic heartburn!
OK I think this concludes my random musings!


Anonymous said...

Thats lots of great years at Gainey! I cant believe you are 28 whatever happened to the intern?

Carrie said...

Happy birthday again, Tara! I am so blessed that you were born 28 years ago! Love ya!

Tara said...

I know it's hard to believe.... 28.... and to think two of your kids are in my care group and your baby babysits my kids!!