Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beholding is Becoming

The winter retreat was a huge success!

The basis of Glory was that to behold Christ is to become more like him. So that's what we did. We beheld him in his birth, death and resurrection. When Chris first brought the theme to me back in June I knew the temptation of the retreat for myself and others was to think we've heard all that we need to hear on these subjects. But God blessed the messages and that was no where near the case. I left again humbled by what my Savior has done for my, an undeserving sinner. I left secure in the promises that the resurrection brings.

Driving up to the retreat I stopped to get some gas. As I stepped out of my car a homeless man asked if he could wash my windows for some change. I said sure and drew him out while he did. The man professed to know Christ and went on to say how hard it is to live life like this. He just wasn't sure what God was doing. God laid it on my heart to share with him that he is not to live for this life but the next. That the joys of Heaven will far surpass his trials on earth. The man broke out in tears and was overjoyed by this message from the Lord. He said he was praying all day for God to bring him some sort of encouragement and this was it. I too left in tears and prayed for Curt. While at the retreat I was convicted at how excited I can get at the Gospel at work in others lives. My neighbors, the man at the gas station, my family but I've grown to familiar with it to allow the Gospel's work in my own life to bring me to tears. I am quick to see how it can change other's lives and long to have that same passion and perspective for myself. I'm thankful that's no longer the case and pray that I would not again grow familiar with it's work. See it's much, much, easier for me to focus on becoming and to skip beholding the Glory of Christ.

Chris did such an incredible job. The Lord really used him! I'm always amazed at the multi-level gifting he has. He administrated the retreat, helped in creative elements, lead worship, prepared and gave three passionate, fruit bearing messages and ministered to people afterwards. I'm proud to be his helper in this short life!

Taylor was wonderful. She sat through every message coloring and reading quietly next to me. She enjoyed seeing patches of snow and hanging out with the Singles. I enjoyed having some special time with her. Ruth and Luz thanks for the way you cared for her too!

I'll post some pictures in a separate post.


Tiffany said...

Tara, I am so thankful for your example of a godly wife, mother, and woman! Sounds like an amazing time! Thanks for such a great reminder!

Dad said...

Thanks for the story of meeting Curt. That brought tears to my eyes. (not hard to do lately)