Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today Taylor and I will head up to Prescott to attend the fourth annual singles retreat. This year's theme is Glory. I'll let my husband's words explain the retreat, taken from a recent blog post:

One little word. Gigantic meaning.

How do you define Glory? What exactly is it? How do you adequately describe it? It’s hard to talk about, but easy to understand. We know God is glorious. We know His creation is glorious. We know His plan for the ages is glorious.

But sitting atop them all with particular brilliance is the glory of the gospel in the person and work of Jesus Christ. It all revolves His glory.

His glorious life. His glorious death. His glorious resurrection. That’s the focus for this year’s Winter Retreat. Come with hearts that are open to seeing Christ anew. Come wanting God to make you more like this glorious Savior we are going study. Come anticipating the glory of God at our retreat!

This year two other Sovereign Grace Churches singles ministries will be joining us. Which I believe will add up to about 120 people. My husband is so pumped about all that he's learned and the way his own study prep for these messages have encouraged him in his walk with the Lord. I'm eager to see his hard work unfold and be to be refreshed by the word. I'm also excited to have Taylor with me. It'll be interesting for sure but I really think it's going to be a sweet time for her & I. Chris and I have had some amazing spiritual conversations with her and often it's hard for me to find the time during the day in and day out of life to sit and really listen and answer her questions. Something to grow in. Well her and I will have plenty of time this weekend. She is really excited to see her daddy lead worship, preach and of course snow:-) Pray for us and the singles in attendance!

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Stephie said...

Hope you have fun! I will be praying that the Lord gives you many fun and memorable times! I will also pray that you have many God honoring conversations with Taylor!