Monday, December 15, 2008

Photo Sessions

We had a very busy weekend. A concert Chris and I played at friday night, two photo sessions for me saturday night, sunday morning Chris preached and sunday evening he lead our singles group Christmas banquet. The last one for us :( Oh and then Taylor got sick sunday night just as we were falling asleep. First time one of my children hasn't made it to the toilet in time, fun, fun. Poor thing. It was a short bout of sickness thankfully and I'm hoping it won't make it's way down to the rest of the family!

I wanted to post some photo's from this weekend. I meet Kristeen at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and after a some e-mailing back and forth we set up a time for me to take some pictures of her kids for their Christmas card. I was honored to have the job! What sweet children they were!

I used the red chairs for our Christmas card and it worked well to keep the kids in one place! Although I like this background a lot better.

This little one was hard to catch, she reminded me of an older rylee. But once I did...

and the one they ended up using for their Christmas card and my personal fav too:

After their pictures I took some of my brother's family with the remaining sunshine we had left.

So glad I got these done on Saturday as we haven't had sunshine since :-) Thanks to both families for the opportunity!

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Brandy said...

Love the pics and glad you guys are healthy. Offer still stands about doing a wedding...