Monday, August 03, 2009


Yesterday marked the last day of hosting Grace church in our home. Last day of moving out the couches and setting up chairs. Last day of setting up the kids rooms for Children's Ministry. And sadly the last day that someone else vacuumed my house for me :)

Grace. That's the word to describe the past couple of months. I've counted it a sincere joy to host Grace Church in our home during it's early beginnings. Often as a Pastor's wife and a mom of three young kids, my role on Sunday's doesn't go beyond getting the kids dressed and to church on time. And trust me I'm not minimizing that role! But it's been exciting to play a different role in addition to getting the kids ready. I will miss being there for the set-up and all the excitement before the meeting starts.

But yes there has been grace for backaches, grace in the form of the kids excitement to host church and their eagerness to pitch in, grace in others coming early to set up, grace for the spills and paint that's gotten chipped. And when I wake up monday morning wondering if I could possibly do it again the following week, grace. Loads of Grace! But it is time for Grace Church to move on and time for this family to start living like it's a house and not a church. After doing it week after week we'd found it easier to leave as much as we could set up for Sunday to minimize the work. Chairs left in rooms, sound equipment left in our living room and craft supplies on my dresser. But last week when we left the "Nursing Mom's" sign on Taylor's door I knew it was probably time we head to the Rio Vista :)

After we finished the meeting we had our first Grace Church baptism!

We'd appreciate your prayers as we gear up for our kick off on August 30th!


Jenny said...

Hi Tara,

I finally did lots of catching up on your blog. Great to see what God's doing in your lives and how your kids are growing!

Jessica said...

Great memories of a very special beginning for your church. I am sure you'll look back fondly on this time. Imagine in the future your big congregation and how it all started. Very special. Love J

Emily Baker said...

We're so excited for ya'll!!! It's especially exciting to see the baptism pictures! God is good!

Theresa said...

SO exciting for you guys. Thanks for the reminder of God's grace, and how He sustains us in so many situations! I'll be praying for you all!