Saturday, August 15, 2009


I've been reading through Comforts from the Cross, Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time by Elyse Fitzpatrick the past month. It's been outstanding food for my soul each morning as she helps her readers to apply the gospel in fresh ways.
A few days ago I read a section where she expounded on John 18:4-8

"Then Jesus, knowing all that would happen to him, came forward and said to them, "Whom do you seek? ... I told you that I am he. So, if you seek me, let theses men go."

Elyse says, "What a Savior we have! What a good shepherd! The wolves were circling, and he stepped forward, arms outstretched, keeping his little flock behind him. The wolves would attack; he would bear their attack himself. He would continue to guard them in ways amazing and unheard of. He bravely guarded their bodies; he would eve more courageously watch over and protect their souls."

"His great heart was filled with love, and this love empowered him to place himself between danger and those he cherished. Even though his friends weren't worthy of his protection, of his sacrifice for them, he was determined. Take me. Let them go. That's been his theme throughout all eternity. Take me. Punish me. Let them go. His love for us is our guarantee that we'll make it all the way to heaven. He interposed his body between the wrath of the religious leaders and his weak disciples; he interposed his precious blood between the righteous wrath of his father and his sinful bride. What a husband! What a Savior!"

"He sees your heart today. He know what you fear and how you continue to try to take matters into your own hand and protect yourself (so true). He sees when you cut off you enemy's ear, as Peter did, lashing out at those who threaten you, seeking to hurt them before they can hurt you. He sees when you flee naked into the night, hoping to hide yourself from failure, censure, disgrace, judgment. He sees when you swear that you don't know him, denying him by word or deed, afraid that you'll seem foolish or be persecuted. He knows when you fear the doctor's reports and try to ignore his voice speaking deeply, comfortingly to you. And yet he interposes himself between you and your enemies simply because he is determined not to lose one of those precious ones his Father has given to him!"

"Draw near to him today, won't you? He'll cover you with his strong arms and keep your soul safe. Don't hid; don't try to cover up. Just come as you are and thank him for his courageous love. "

I find it so freeing that I will make it to heaven not based on my works but on God's great love. So great that he said, "Take me. Punish me. Let her go." What a Savior!


dancebythelight said...

I've not yet read anything by Elyse Fitzpatrick, but want to. Got a couple on my wish list. Have you read other books by her?

The Martins said...

Oh, I love that book. Such an encouragement every morning while I was in it. It has grown my love for the gospel- thanks for sharing!