Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daukas Reunion

It've been a couple years since all four daukas brothers and their families have been together. This past weekend Chris' twin and family flew in from Seattle and stayed with us for the weekend. Saturday night we had everyone over to our house for Chili.

We had 9 kids 7 & under in our home! They did great too! We recently got a trampoline which has provided hours of entertainment for the kids. It was so fun seeing everyone together again.

We tried getting one of all the kids by themselves but that didn't work so well... so we threw the dads in :)

Just the Boys

Afterward dinner the kids decorated pumpkins:

Thanks again guys for coming over! Hopefully it won't be two more years till we're all together again :)


Brandy said...

These are awesome pics. I would love to see more of my boys if you have any!! Thanks!

CarrieLovesKeith said...

That was such a fun night! Thanks for being willing to have 9 kids under 7 take over your house! These are such cute pictures, too! I love them... Thanks, Tara!