Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Retreat & A Wedding

This last week Chris and I attended a Pastor's & Wives retreat for the west in Gilbert. It was such an encouraging time of worship/teaching & fellowship! Then thursday morning my dad & I flew to Florida to see my cousin Chrystal get married! It was great catching up with relatives I haven't seen in over 12+ years. My Uncle Bob & Aunt Leah put us up and I enjoyed our late night conversations. My body never could adjust to the time difference so I probably kept them up REALLY late :) The jones' are always entertaining to be around...

Here's a picture of all three Jones boys! Been awhile since they've all been together. This one is definitely going to Grandma Jones who was unable to make it!

You can visit my photography site for more pictures from the weekend.

I came home to a wonderful surprise. More details to come!

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