Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Garden Surprise

I've talked about starting a garden in the back yard ever since we moved in. We even had the place picked out in the side of the yard. The yard got finished and the space has just sat and sat. It grew a few weeds. Not exactly what I had in mind. It got too hot in the middle of the summer and it's been a crazy september. I had began to think that planting a garden would fall into one of those great ideas that I never find time to do.

Thankfully because of my wonderful husband and children this great idea no longer fits in that category. While I was gone he built me a garden, following the square foot method. He got me started with two tomato plants, one basil and I have LOTS more soil just waiting for seeds!! I'm so happy :) And the weather is just perfect outside for gardening!

My basil plant looks a little sad. I think it needs some basil company. Or it knows it's going to get eaten later that night...

So much potential!

Trevor got to start his own garden. A flytrap!

Here's hoping my thumb turns green!


dancingbythelight.com said...

Have fun with it! And love the first pic!

Tiffany said...

A great start! How fun.