Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5yr old Trevor

Well I feel very behind on my blog! I'm hoping to do some catching up this week.

First off is that we now have a 5yr old boy! February 16th Trevor turned five. Where has the time gone? He has highly anticipated this birthday. Since turning 5 he has informed us that he know can do five year old things. Like something magical happens on the day of your birthday. He woke up that morning and we started school and I was informed that now he was 5 he was ready for harder things in school.

Speaking of school... Trevor has grown leaps & bounds this fall in academics. He is beyond excelling in things that Taylor did in kindergarten. He can read, he doesn't love to read, but he does it and we have moved onto blends and long vowel combination's. What he does love is Math and all things numbers. He didn't get that from me I promise. He is rocking with the math facts! We are working on numbers with sums up to 20 and I'm constantly amazed at how he just seems to know the answer. He counts up in his head and so far isn't dependent on his fingers like his mom :) He is even beginning to show interest in writing. Something that he hasn't been thrilled about. Yesterday he wrote out "Happy Birthday Ellie" all on his own. Of course he loves Ellie Payne :)

Trevor's heart has softened this year to things of God. He asks the most amazing questions. Like why did God create Adam & Eve? Cause if God knows all things, he would know they would sin? Most of the time I'm like great question... let's ask dad :) He has joined the older kids Sunday School class and is learning and retaining much of the bible story lessons! It's so encouraging to see him grow in these ways.

Trevor is all things passionate. He can passionately disobey or passionately obey. And when he wants to be, he's the sweetest boy ever. Telling me I'm the best Mom ever, loving and serving his sisters and yes He still wants to be a Pastor one day like his dad :)

We love you Trevor!

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Doug said...

wow Math that's so cool. Papa is going to have to share saduko with him