Thursday, February 25, 2010

San Francisco

Last month Chris and I had the privilege of visiting our friends The Kurth's & their recently planted church, Christ Church. Toby asked Chris to come preach for him as Rebekah was nearing her due date. I was grateful for our friends and family who took our kids for a couple of days so I could travel with Chris.

We arrived Friday afternoon and from there got a non-stop weekend tour of San Francisco from Toby. And Toby if this church planting thing doesn't work out for you, you could easily have a job as a tour guide :) We toured the city Friday and had some amazing food. Actually lots of amazing food. I believed I gained a few pounds that weekend :) On Saturday we drove to Napa Valley and had breakfast at the most amazing place! I'm still craving that omelet! Then we headed out to Beringer Winery, where we got a personal tour from Toby's dad. Apparently tour guiding runs in the family. We felt so blessed to have such a tour and learned more in that day then in our entire life about wine. It was also this tour that pushed us over the edge to favor red wine more then white.

Sunday was a great time of worship with Christ Church. It was encouraging to see all the ways God has blessed them. They have recently been given a building to use in the city & partnered with the church that was meeting there to spread the Gospel!

Toby is also preaching through John like Chris is at Grace Church. So Chris was able to step in and prepare a message in John that he will be able to preach in a month at our church. He preached his message on the Glorious Future that Awaits us. Heaven. I am eager for our church to get to this part of John as my heart was greatly encouraged.

By far the best part of the trip was seeing our friends and catching up with them. We are grateful for their hospitality and I am eager to see more of San Francisco one day!

It rained almost the entire time we were there but I was able to snap a few pictures in between downpours!

I was happy to see a trolley as that was the extent of my knowledge of San Fran

Some amazing views that are just a short walk from their house!

Before breakfast:

The wine country

barrels of aging wine

Thank you Toby & Rebekah for your hospitality & showing us a wonderful time! It's been such a blessing to be on this church planting adventure with you all.


Doug said...

Man those are some great shots. You have my eye (:

Rebekah said...

We loooved having you guys with us, but you already know that. Funny thing ... when I look at those pictures, part of me is still surprised ... "I live THERE?!" How did THAT happen?!".

We can't wait for you guys to come back and visit. Except this time, YOU can be the pregnant lady, ok? 'Cuz I'm done with that gig, lol! =D

Savanna said...!! those pix of the were simply... STUNNING!!!! I think my eyes actually got bigger 4 a second there =)