Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas Moments 2010

My kids were so grateful for every little and big thing they got. I was super proud of them! Trevor opened a gift from Taylor and it was a T-REX book she bought him at a garage sale. He opened it and ran over to give her a huge hug!

Taylor was working for weeks on a surprise gift for Chris and I. It is truly something I'll treasure for a lifetime!

She made, on her own, a "LOVE" pillow for Chris and I! So super sweet. I'm so grateful for my mom and my friend Deb who helped her along the way.

Taylor and her new doll Felicity.

Trevor sporting his 3D glasses that went with his 3D color explosion set.

Rylee got a webkinz jr. and a wooden tea set for Christmas. She saw fit to put the two together.

Rylee got some leggings from baby legs. She put this little outfit together herself :)

New Toy

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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