Sunday, January 23, 2011

We're Moving

This week our church plant finished up it's last Sunday meeting at the Rio Vista. Chris has been praying for the past six months that something in the area would open up that would allow us to move the church meeting time to mornings. It's become increasingly hard to reach families in our area and even unbelievers with our 4pm time slot. It's just not the time you think of when you think church. But in our case it was all we had and all we could afford. The schools that were open were over double what we were paying. Which when you're a small church and financially tight it just wasn't an option.

As Chris prayed he became convinced that God was leading him to take the plunge. A few weeks before Christmas, Chris was working hard making calls and meeting with principals. Their was a school he was starting to settle on but the doors to meet there weren't swinging open. Back to praying. A day before the school let out for Christmas break he meet with another lady at a different school. This school wasn't in the Peoria school district but close enough to our location now that it warranted looking into. As he met with the lady and toured the school doors were being flung wide open. Not only were they eager and excited to have a church meet there, they were even willing to offer us storage. To top it all off they're prices for rent were significantly lower! So much lower that our move to mornings will now be saving us money each month!! PRAISE GOD! It was a wonderful Christmas present for Grace Church!

For more information on Grace Church and the new location feel free to check out our newly designed website

Thank you to those who pray for our church and inquire about how things are going. We'd still covet your prayers. Prayers for endurance for our core team. Man they work so hard and although we've grown some in numbers, not enough to take the burden off this original group. Pray for more growth if the Lord wills. Oh how we long to see people get saved through the ministry of the preached word and evangelism from the members of Grace Church. Pray for my faith to be strengthened. God is so good to us. We long to be his happy, joyful, servants willing to be used in any way He sees fit!

"To Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus. Throughout all generations forever and ever amen."


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This is so amazing! Praise God for such a sweet answer to prayer, especially the lower rent and storage space! Praying that the new time and location provides more opportunities to reach your community and for the grace and strength your team needs as they shoulder the "burden" of a lot of work. Can't wait to hear how everything goes in your new site and how God uses it for His glory!