Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My New Baby

Recently I took on a new baby. This baby weighs something over 20 pounds. Solid metal. Still working on a name.




Maybe I'm just bored with my life. Feeling a little under challenged. Have to much free time on my hands. Ha! None of these are true and I feel TOTALLY crazy trying to pick up yet another new skill but it's something that has been on my bucket list for quite some time. After Taylor spent night after night sewing a pillow for Chris & I secretly in her room, I figured it was time to allow her to expand on her craftiness. I will not hold her back anymore! For my girls sake, I am going to learn how to sew. We are going to learn how to sew! My mom was very kind to pass on to Taylor and I my great grandmother's Singer machine. I took it in recently and was assured that with a little oiling this baby will be back to working like new. She's from the 1940's. I had to order the instruction manual from an old relic antique shop. Can I just tell you how proud I was when I learned how to "load a bobbin" for the first time?!?! It's just so encouraging to know I do have a brain and it will work, sometimes.

Pictures of Taylor's and I's first project to come. We've got it all cut out and ready to sew. Now to find the time TO sew :)


Amy said...

You will love working with it! These Singers are a beast of a machine (I use my mom's olive green one from the 1960s) and I would rather have to thread a bobbin than press digital buttons any day :).

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Tara, this made me laugh out loud! The entire topic sets me back to a time some 40 years ago when Nancy underwent a similar "education". Nancy's maternal grandmother was a 'professional' seamstress, so at least Taylor has some seamstress genes in her.

Best of luck on this - you will amaze yourself, I am sure!