Wednesday, August 08, 2012

12 Year Trip.

Chris and I celebrated 12 years back in early July. First time in awhile we hit an anniversary where I wasn't pregnant or nursing. I was thrilled to learn that Chris had planned a mini trip for the two of us. I was even more thrilled to learn he was taking me to my favorite vacation spot, Carlsbad. We haven't been back there just the two of us without kids since our honeymoon days. Often times trips can be more of a stress then I deem worth. It's so hard finding babysitters and then I fret can our sitters actually handle our children. Will our children do a number on them and they'll see us for the failing parents I often feel like we are? Chris, knowing this was a temptation, sought to find all the sitters ahead of time for us. He went on to sweetly tell me who was taking our kids and where they would be and I was like babe I really don't care. Drop them off where ever and get me the heck out of here. HA! It's just been that kind of year and I knew he needed a chance to breath in deep if not more then I did. Thanks to my sister-in-law and a friend living with us we were able to sneak in one extra night! So we left Sunday late afternoon and arrived in the beautiful Carlsbad California weather. All photo's taken from our phones..

Getting ready to take off!
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I can't remember if this was before or after the flight attendant yelled at me. Yep I totally got scolded at the start of my anniversary trip. By this, who I at first thought was cute, Texas lady, strong accent and all. She put me in my place. We sat in the emergency exit row since there were only two seats. Let me mention I do NOT like flying. So I was cracking a few jokes maybe. Well Texas lady came to explain the enormous responsibility we all have sitting in these sets of seats ect. I even pulled out the little card to look at as she was going through. In the middle of the talk about crashing she says something to the effect of, "If any of you feel unsafe sitting in these seats you can asked to be moved." And I laughed. Before I could even take a breath from my laugh she snaps,


Yes I'm paying attention. It's not these seats that are making me feel unsafe it's the fact that we even see the need to HAVE these seats and your explanation on how to unload the plane that make me unsafe. Ha. It's so fun being married to me... she went on her merry way. Thankful it was a very short flight.

Back to happy thoughts. How can you go wrong with this forecast?!?!

Guess what we scored?!? This was not planned but Chris worked the guy at the counter and got us a SWEET deal on this and ended up being just about the same cost as our original rental car plan.

Oh man I loved this car! Chris mostly drove but the one time I did drive it I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It is now a life long dream to get a convertible. Worldly? Yes. But man oh man I don't think it's a stretch to say God made convertibles for man (woman) to enjoy and enjoy we did!

Chris' turn! He drove it well. Which suited my preference of dancing like a crazy 20 year old well.

Ok so honestly it's hard to tell what I like more. Convertibles or beach. Living in Carlsbad has also been a life long dream. So basically this weekend was like all my dreams coming to fruition. I have my dream man, car, place. How does one return to reality after that!? It was hard let me tell ya ;)

We went to this awesome Italian place that we love in Carlsbad, but are always to stressed to enjoy with our four kids while on vacation, for dinner.

Afterwards we picked up our tradition of playing cribbage. Best of three. And guess who won? Guess I can't have it all now can I?

The next day we drove (danced) around town and decided to head to LA to try out a lunch place.

In typical LA fashion we drove into the downtown area with an LAPD helicopter overhead. Nice. Let's just say living in downtown LA... not a dream of mine. It was crazy nuts.
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The restaurant we went to was amazing and worth all the craziness we endured getting there. Be sure to check it out if you are ever out there. Thanks Andrea for the tip!

Check out the dessert display case...heck ya!

Time to head back home.

I don't think we could've asked for a better anniversary trip! Honestly, short of our honeymoon, it's one of our best trips to date. I would've taken a few more days that's for sure but I am grateful to God for how he stretched out the 2 1/2 days we did have. At the end of the day I left my dream car and dream location behind for my cracker infested minivan and hot and lately humid home. But I left with my dream man. That I wouldn't trade for the world. Happy 12 years babe. Here's to many, many, more.

I'll end with a little video I took for the kids to see their mom and dad living it up ;) See kids I can be fun!!!

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