Sunday, August 12, 2012

Familiar Ground

It really is fun having another toddler in the house. With almost four years between Rylee & Alexie I thought for some time I had left the crazy, cute, toddler days behind. I have found myself on familiar ground lately. Something like, "Oh yes I remember now". It's amazing how easy we can forget. I've been grateful for this blog. It's helped me look back and remember Trevor & Rylee as toddlers 15 months apart.

Not much is different from those days to now. Yes it is unbelievably helpful to have Taylor around. You know when you've discovered poop coming out everywhere it's helpful to be able to say, someone help me, and actually have help and not just give you a blank stare or run around in circles around you and the baby and poop. So basically I just have a bigger house for Alexie to destroy and make messes in, then back in t,t & r's day.

Having a toddler equals *those* days.

You know the days when markers get left out by the older ones in the school room and they fail to put them back in the high spot they are supposed to be. Instead they are on the table screaming out to toddler hands. DRAW EVERYWHERE AND ON EVERYTHING FAST!

So excited to have her picture taken. thanks trevor I think I have a picture of you looking like this too.

She looks super sorry huh?

Here I discovered she just finished eating my brand new chapstick...

Last week I failed to realize that Chris didn't have time to put everything away from dinner as he left for a meeting.

She had taking bites out of every last piece. No leftovers for the rest of us...

Ah but yesterday was super fun. Trevor got the grand idea of making a "cage" for an egg and then drop it from the top of the stairs to see if the cage would protect the egg. It didn't. Raw egg everywhere. He did the best he could to clean it up but I discovered that he used my broom and the thingy that you sweep all the stuff into for dumping. Both were covered with raw egg. I am happy to report that his second attempt at creating a cage for the egg was successful. No cracked egg. Aren't I a great mom for letting him try again?!?! Moments later I find that Lexie had a serious poop explosion. Probably from all the watermelon. She had proceeded to come down the two flights of stairs we have on her bottom, exploding just a little bit more out of her diaper with each step. No picture for that one. You're welcome. Oh and all this after I hired a little cleaning help a day earlier due to some back issues I've been having. Why do I even try. Fun times indeed.

I really can laugh. And I understand better now when mom's say it only gets harder when they get older. I have been feeling the "older" disobedience days lately and it's just not funny. Alexie and her mess I can laugh at. So those with little ones take a picture and laugh :) It will be over before you know it!

Want to know if it compares to my early t & r days? This old post gave me a good laugh.

I really do watch my kids. Really.


Rebekah said...

I am totally having one of these days today with the boys. And I am ignoring the sounds of someone probably flooding the bathroom floor with tub water to tell you THANK YOU for this. Sometimes God's grace comes to you through a fellow mom's blog post. I LOL at the entry you linked to ... giving a fake name and address to the Poison Control guy, ha!

zanesmommy said...

Oh, you are not the only one! Cody likes to get my chapstick too, I don't know how many times I have to change my shirt and his outfit because his morning pees are so much. I also think there is still orange marker in his ear and we have some coins that have Sharpie all over them. Boy, if we got our two together, I think we would need more than a little help cleaning the house.