Monday, March 20, 2006

Book recommendations/Boy or Girl?

This week will be an exciting one. On Thursday Chris turns 30! Also on Thursday we have the big ultrasound appointment. This will be Chris' first time seeing our baby and hearing the heartbeat. We will be finding out the gender so stay tuned. Chris thinks it's a boy and well I have a feeling it's a girl. Of course the odds in the Daukas family are definitely in Chris' favor. Right now I have a 1 in 5 chance it's a girl ;-)

Other than awaiting Thursday there is not much to blog about. So if I could leave you with two book recommendations.

1. Women's Ministry and the Local Church by Ligon Duncan & Susan Hunt - I have read the first five chapters and it has been outstanding.

2. God is the Gospel by John Piper-This is a book I have wanted to read all month. The first three chapters have been assigned for our Pastor's care group Thursday night, so my desire will turn into reality! I highly recommend it in light of all that I've heard from Chris. He is reading it for the second time this month and in our discussion over what he's learning I have been challenged in my walk with the Lord and in my own definition of what the Gospel is.


Meg said...

That is exciting news about your pending ultrasound, Tara! What a great birthday present for Chris! Can I strongly encourage you to NOT find out the babies gender? Not sure if you found out for your other children or not, but we didn't find out for any of our children, and it was better than the best Christmas present you could ever anticipate or receive (especially if you are having twins!). I know it makes it more 'inconvenient' for planning, but the joy sure outweighs anything else. Regardless, I pray that you are doing well and that the precious baby you are carrying is growing strong and healthy. Blessings to you and yours from Meg

Danielle said...

That first book you mention is one that I’ve heard about and find interesting. My husband also is reading “God is the Gospel” and also highly recommends it!

Tara said...

Thanks for your advice Meg. You're so sweet! Unsuccessful in your efforts but sweet nonetheless :-) We actually did think about waiting this time but neither one of us wanted to. We have really enjoyed knowing and picking out the name. Also there are some room logistics involved this time. And it would be nice to have as much of the work done as possible before the baby arrives. So we will still be suprised tomorrow just 20 wks early ;-)

anne said...

that Piper book is a wonderful one, great recommendation! I am curious to read the other one.
I found your blog through Danielles. She has some fun links. I am actaully expecting my second baby and it sounds like we are due right around each other. We have our ultrasound next Tuesday. I am due 8/16. Maxwell is my 1.5 year old. Nice to meet you...via internet . :)