Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It has become routine with Taylor while putting her to bed to review the day. Afterwards she always asks, "What day will tomorrow be? " I will tell her and then she'll ask " What do we do on ______ ? " Repeating whatever day tomorrow will be. Tonight was no different and I began to explain to her what Thursday holds. One being daddy's birthday and the other being mommy getting pictures of the baby in her tummy. I told her that tomorrow, if the Lord wills, we will find out if she will be having a sister or a brother. Now up to this point she has been adamant about having a sister. Telling everyone that mommy is having a sister for her. Knowing this I tried to prepare her heart and response that whatever the Lord gives us we will rejoice and give thanks. Even if it's another brother like Trevor. At which I expected her to protest and say it's a girl. Instead she replied, "ok but let's name my brother Henry. That's a great name right mom? " Yes Taylor Henry is a great name....goodnight sweetie.

p.s. As excited as I am in Taylor's initial response, the baby will not be named Henry. No offense to all the Henry's out there, really it is a great name. Just not a Daukas name :-)


Ryan J said...

That's too funny, I think Taylor knew it wasn't a Daukas name and figured that if she said that it's okay if you have a boy but have to name it a name you didn't want that you would have a girl... if that makes sense.

Danielle said...

Your little girl is the cutest!