Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Honey!

30 years ago today my greatest gift here on earth was born. I am so blessed to be your wife love!

"At the end of the day if it's just you and me
At the end of the road there's no place I'd rather be
then to end all my days in the warmth of your arms
It's just you & me, It's Just you & Me
At the end of the day"

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Meg said...

Tell that hunk of a man that an aussie mate down under wishes him all the best. When he comes to OZ to see us we can have a beer t/gether. How are you both doing? Man I miss being in AZ - and studying at Seminary is frustrating - however - GOD IS GOOD!!! How is the outside camp fires on the patio going? Are you having plenty? That was a great nite with you two! God bless - Patrick