Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Second Honeymoon

I know many of you read girl talk and if you don't you should stop reading mine and go straight there! I was encouraged by Carolyn Mahaney's post today.

Carolyn speaking about an encounter she had with another women who too has found herself with an "empty nest",says,

"Wise words for all of us, from a woman who is reaping the rewards of a lifetime investment in her marriage. Often I meet young women who could benefit from this advice. They are overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood, or simply more engrossed in being their kid’s mom than their husband’s wife. Some have grown apathetic and less than enthusiastic about their marriage relationship. Sadly, I’m not always sure that many young wives stop to consider how their present way of relating to their husband will affect the future happiness of their marriage."

I am so thankful for this advice and the encouragement I get from other Godly women around me to work hard at loving my husband. Not that's it's hard work but so often I find myself putting all my efforts into loving my children and taking care of the home that I don't save much energy or time to give towards loving Chris. It's can be tempting to think, well one day the kids will be gone and then I will have plenty of time to give to Chris. Instead I should thinking, one day the kids will be gone and I want to reap the fruit of years of hard work that we devote to keeping a loving, passionate marriage!

Which is why I am so excited that in 4 days Chris and I will be on a plane heading to board a cruise ship for five days! It will be like a second honeymoon for us. We were trying to figure out when the last time we had even a day alone together (not counting conferences) and it's been at least two years! California here we come :-)


Danielle said...

Enjoy your cruise, take some pictures with that new digital camera to share when you get back! I really enjoyed that Girl Talk post. Despite not having kids right now, it was still a good reminder to invest in my marriage first, after my relationship with God.

andrea said...

rock on! that cruise is going to be so awesome!!

Laurie said...

Woo Hoo! We went on our first cruise last August celebrating 10 years, and we are so grateful for the precious memories. Hope you have a great time. Please post about it. We'd love to see pictures.