Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trevor strikes again

It's been awhile since there has been a Trevor induced disaster. It could be because I've practically child-proofed every area of the house!! But low and behold Taylor accidentally left the bathroom door open and while I was putting the clothes from the wash into the dryer, Trevor went in and stuffed an entire roll full of toilet paper down the toilet. That's not all, he then proceeded to try to flush it and held the handle down for only God knows how long. Of course that much toilet paper won't flush, so I walk into him still holding down the handle with the bathroom flooding around him. So much so, that it went through the adjacent walls! Ugh, it was quite the mess to clean up! I put him in his room, a safe place, while I soaked up all water with towels. Towels that I had just gotten out of the dryer nonetheless. After it was (mostly) cleaned up I let him out of his room and he came out with his toddler bible asking to read Noah! I guess that's his new hero in the faitth :-)

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