Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Disney Pics- Day One

Well we have returned and rolling slowly back into normal life. Disney World was amazing. Having no memory of being there I finally "get" what makes Disney World so much different than Disney Land. A place I DO remember. I couldn't get over how much land Disney owns and how much there is to experience.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I have to share and well at this point no creative way to present it. My mind and body are still recovering from the week. So hang with me as I post some pictures over the next couple of days.

We spent our first day a Magic Kingdom. It's the only park you have to take a ferry or monorail to get to. We arrived just in time for the opening ceremony. Mickey and others arrive on the disney train, sing a little song and declare the park open while throwing mickey confetti at you. The kids loved it and yes I cried. I was caught up in the "magic" of it all :-) Walking down main street the castle came into view. Pictures do not do this castle justice!

Taylor's face was priceless and pretty much stayed this way for the remainder of the week.

We were blessed to have gone with Disney experts. Chris' twin Scott and his wife Jessica as well as Chris' parents have these parks down to a science. In a matter of hours we had rode over six rides with the longest line lasting less than 10 minutes. Without them Chris and I would've wondered around aimlessly the first day!

Rylee & Trevor were our "thrill" seekers. Both amazed me all week with their fearless spirit. Taylor, not so much.

Trevor is sitting next to Chris. I assure you Rylee & Trevor take after Chris with their thrill seeking attitude. I had to practice my deep breathing exercises while Dumbo took us higher and higher! All the while yelling "THIS IS FUN" for my two year old's sake sitting next to me :-)

Taylor preferred calmer rides such as It's a small world and Peter Pan. She did get a little crazy with the tea cups though!

We ended our first night with a spectacular firework show over the castle- and yes I cried again :-)

After the first day and all that we did, I couldn't believe we still had seven more days left! My feet weren't to sure they could believe it either!


Brandy said...

Taylor's face is priceless. I look forward to taking my boys someday (I'll have to consult and/or bring you experts with me). Looking forward to more Disney updates!

Rebekah said...

Isn't that castle spectacular?! Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland is absolutely dwarfed by Cinderella's. The castle and everything on Main Street are literally twice as big and high. I guess that is the upside of being built later, huh?

I am not kidding you when I say that only NYC 4th of July Fireworks outshine Disney Fireworks. They are absolutely unbelievable. Seriously, they are so beautiful, so touching, they make grown men cry ... and Disney lovers like me absolutely BAWL.

Can't wait to see more pics! =)

Dad Jones said...

I cried just hearing that you cried. Sad isn't it.

The time we spend doing these things with our kids is a sweet memory that you take into your later years with pride and thankfulness. (Even when they can't remember them)

providentialblessings said...

I can't wait to see more Disney updates. Oh and I TOTALLY cried last time I was at Disneyland, their fireworks display is phenomenal. I'm right there with you friend, it is an emotional experience :-)