Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trevor's First Sleepover

Trevor was invited to his first sleepover this weekend. For all the people we will be having to say goodbye to in our move to Peoria there are some pretty awesome people already living there for us to join. One being Chris' brother Jeff and his wife Brandy. They have a three year old son named Ethan who Trevor loves. The two of them together are a sight to be seen! They play and laugh and run around like they are best buds. We met up with them at the zoo and they took Trevor home for the afternoon and night. I was a little nervous about how my boy would behave but by God's grace he got a glowing report from Uncle Jeff & Aunt Brandy AND an invite to come back again. Thanks so much guys for taking Trevor- he had so much fun! We look forward to having Ethan spend the night at our house too!

Again I feel like my kids are growing up before my eyes!

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Brandy said...

Tara, these are great photos! Again, we just loved having Trevor with us. He was so sweet and such a helper - he helped Ethan clean up the playroom to nearly spotless TWO times! He rocks.