Saturday, October 18, 2008

Disney World

Tomorrow we leave for a much anticipated, nine day trip, to Disney World. This trip has been in the works for over a year and I can hardly believe that it is finally here! We are going with Chris' parents and Chris' brother Scott's family. The kids can't wait to have a whole week with their cousin Addy who is Rylee's age and well they can't wait to meet Mickey!

We also made a last minute call yesterday to put our house up for sale while we were gone. Packing for five and getting my house back into "showing" shape turned out to be quite the job and I'm so thankful for the singles who came and helped us out today!

I know I am asking for a miracle- but if you could pray that the Lord would allow our house to sale this week we would appreciate it! The months our house was up in early spring I began experiencing back pain like I haven't ever before and only a few hours into cleaning and packing yesterday I was saddened to have it come back again. I know God has a plan and I fully trust that if he wants us to move to Peoria he will sale our house in his perfect time and give me grace for my back!

Have a great week everyone!


Rebekah said...

We will definitely be praying for the house to sell, and for your back. I am so sorry that it has flared up again! Lotsa Motrin, my friend. Lots and lots of Motrin.

The Martins said...

I too suffer from chronic back pain (sciatic nerve), often severe. Washing/vacuuming floors is the top thing that makes it flare up. I have hired a 14 year old boy from our church who lives nearby to wash my floors. It takes him 1.5 hours to wash all the tile and vacuum all the floors and I pay him $15. Less than a copay for the chiropractor and WELL worth it. I know you probably have access to a 'pool' of jr. highers- maybe one would be willing to fill that position while your house is on the market?
-Sarah Martin

Tara said...

hmm... that's not a bad idea sarah! Thanks!