Wednesday, July 08, 2009

9 Years

I can't let 9 years of marriage go by without acknowledging what a blessed women I am. It has been amazing to watch the Love of my life grow as a loving, faithful, caring husband. A father who leads his children gently and makes them laugh like no one else. And finally as a church planter, who although is being stretched in ways like never before, has his eyes on His father who is leading Him through each and every step of the way. Even though you are incredibly busy you have never sacrificed pouring into our marriage and making time for us to grow together as a couple! What beautiful fruit we reap because of this.

I love you babe. You are my best friend. There is no one I'd rather be walking through this adventure with.

*picture was taken a few days before our engagement at a New Years Eve Party back in 99' : )


megan russell said...

congrats! 9 yrs for us this year too. we got engaged on cmas eve of 99 :)

you remind me so much of taylor in this pic! so fun :)

Tara said...

Megan- I knew our anniversary's were close didn't realize our engagement dates we're close too :) Chris was going to propose on Christmas eve but decided waiting till my 21st b-day on the 3rd was more significant!

CarrieLovesKeith said...

Happy anniversary! Love you guys!

Doug said...

looking at this picture, I am so sorry I gave Christ so much trouble when he asked for your hand. He looks so .....Innocent