Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Summer Sandwich

I love Trader Joe's. Living near a Trader Joe's was a must for me when looking at homes. People will often ask me what I get there. Oh the plethora of options :) Orange Chicken, hummus, tortillas & low-fat mexican cheese, organic frozen vegetables, specialty jams, peanut butter cups, the list goes on.

Well here's a delicious summer sandwich you can make using all Trader Joe's ingredients. I took pictures of each item in case you aren't familiar with the store.

First off you need some fresh tomatoes & basil leaves. Ok these you can get anywhere but it's a one stop shop for this dinner for me.

Pick up some roasted red peppers:

Some cheese. Here's my favorite:

Pile the above onto their Multi-grain Sourdough bread:

Butter the baby up and throw it onto the grill or griddle for a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich!

YUM!! I think I'm gonna go make myself one for lunch!


Anonymous said...

Mm, that looks good! We don't live super close to one, a bit out of the way for me, but I love their bread. Super cheap and so many whole wheat options!!

The Martins said...

Wasabi mayo, frozen chicken enchiladas, kefir, thai flavored cashews...

I'm with you, girl.

Anonymous said...

Made this tonight, so good!