Tuesday, March 29, 2011


March was an insanely busy month. I knew back in December when I said yes to two fairly big commitments that I was in for quite the month. As always, I ask for input from Chris before I say yes to anything. He helped me process the decisions and I said yes. I began the month shooting my first wedding! That's right FIRST wedding. What possessed me to say yes I'm not sure. I think it was the desire for experience mixed with them knowing it was indeed my first time shooting a wedding on my own. The anxiety leading up to the wedding kept me up at night and on my knees. Ha. At times I questioned my sanity in saying yes to such a task. But low and behold the day came. I think I rocked the wedding and had SO MUCH FUN! Serious fun. Then I slept for a day :) I'll post a link here once I get a preview up on my blog. I then had a week to recover from the wedding and then came the second commitment. Leading three worship sessions for a Woman's conference being held at our old church in Gilbert. This one produced a lot less anxiety as I feel like I've played piano and sang my entire life. Still, it took a good chunk of administrative work on my part. Honestly though, once I had decided on songs, playing and meditating on them feed my soul this month. I truly worshiped as I prepared. Then I worshiped as I lead worship this weekend. Ah, it too was so much fun! It also gave me a little insight into my husband's world. I was so exhausted emotionally and physically when I got home!

What often kept me going this month, other than the sheer grace of God, was a special date I had on the calendar. A date I had been planning, to celebrate this guy.


I love him. He had his 35 birthday last week and after what an amazing support he was to me this month, I couldn't wait to celebrate him. His life, how much he has grown in the Lord and the amazing husband and father he is. I couldn't wait to celebrate all of this! I had done some research trying to find a new place to take him. We haven't had many opportunities to explore the west side where date nights are concerned. So with some help from my neighbor friends we seriously scored on an awesome new restaurant. It was a bit of a drive from our home and by the time we got there it was PERFECT! Atmosphere, food, we felt far from home but not to far to be able to drive back. We sat on the patio as the sun set and the weather was perfect.

What he didn't know was that, what I was working hard for this month was in part to buy him this:

He was so surprised! It was awesome and it brought me great joy to bless him with this unexpected gift. But apparently everyone in America wants one of these right now, so he has to wait a few weeks for it to ship.

Goodbye March. You were unbelievably exhausting but fun. Welcome restful April :)

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