Monday, March 14, 2011

Alexie- 5 months


Lexie you have brought your family more joy than I even knew existed. You are growing up way to fast. I love seeing the wonder and curiosity in your eyes as you take in new things. I know you are going to be smart like your brother & sisters. I love the way you laugh and laugh when you are tickled and it seems the more overtired you are, the funnier everything seems to be. I love how you can take in new faces quite seriously but just a glimpse of one of us and you are all smiles. You have become quite the explorer, rolling every which way these past few weeks. I am anticipating your crawling in the very near future as I observe you pushing up to your hands and knees. We can't take you anywhere without someone commenting on all the beautiful hair you have. After your bath your big sister Taylor has taken the role of "styling" your hair just right then your mommy loves to smell and kiss your precious head. It is hard to believe that half a year with you is just right around a corner.

Alexie Jane you are our little peanut and we love you to pieces.

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megan russell said...

so sweet. loving this stage...