Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smelling for Bats

Somehow in the midst of this crazy season we find time to do school! Occasionally I take pictures just to have proof. ha.

Before pictures let me tell you about this new resource I'm using. Back in December I switched Math curriculum for Taylor. Yes mid- year. It was that good and the results have proved to be the right call. Singapore continued to be a challenge for me to keep up with and math seemed to be source of frustration for us every day. A friend led me to Teaching Textbooks. Everything is taught and instructed on the computer. She has a workbook with all the printed problems but they also show up on the screen. Greatest thing is it has automated grading. Also, if she misses a problem she can click a "see solution" button and it works it out right there for her. In addition it has a teacher's gradebook where I can she what she missed on each lesson, if she viewed the solution or not and her final grade. I was encouraged when I gave her the placement test that she scored a grade higher then her "official" grade level. After a hard year it was great to see I had actually taught her something :) She is loving this new program! Math is her new favorite subject. Never thought I'd hear those words come out of her mouth! On top of it all she's flying through the with full comprehension and a solid "A"!

Ok on to picture proof. Taylor has been working through a bat science unit. Last week she learned that Bats find their baby bats, "cubs" by scent. Each cub has it's own unique scent. Out of millions of cubs mama's can sniff their way through them all to find the one that's theirs. Crazy sense of smell huh?! So to drive this point home we took cotton balls, put about 15 different scents on each one and each kid picked one cotton ball to be their cub. Each one took their turn trying to smell their way to their cub while blindfolded. Ah fun times :)





How kind of you to think that I made this up all on my own... this came straight of our Apologia Science book :)


Brandy said...

I keep hearing how great Teaching Textbooks is...will have to try it for third gonna hold on to yours for me to "borrow?" ;)
And I love the "smell" project! I look forward to Luke being able to participate in school with us next year.

Brenda said...

Ah...those were the days when the kids were little and so much of their school was hands on. I know have only one left, and well, he's smarter than me so that makes life fun!! Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to check out Teaching Textbooks, I've had people ask me and I don't know anything about it.