Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Fun

We had a rare sunday morning yesterday. Due to our air conditioning being broken, daddy did not go to church early like normal. He stayed home to wait for the mechanic. So, we took full advantage of him being home and had a nice breakfast with the kids which entailed him reading the resurection story to them. It was so fun to see how much Taylor is learning. She was able to recount all that happened from good friday to the resurection. And even little Trevor showing some interest in something other than trains. He was really excited to pray after daddy at breakfast. He bowed his head and said "Dear Jesus... blah,blah,blah... trains, Amen". Trains has just had to make it's way in there. It was so cute! After breakfast the kids opened their baskets and we all peacefully got ready for church! The bad news is our air condionting unit is broken but even in that we've seen God provide the last few days. It should be fixed by the time we get back. Here's some pictures from the day.

The kids baskets

Taylor loves to pose for pictures!

My cousin Corbin got Rylee this adorable outfit. Complete with shoes! Rylee wasn't to fond of them though. They slowed her crawling down.

One of our many attempts at a family photo!


Shawnda said...

too fun!!! We were JUST talking about the leadership conference this morning (my hubby and I). Jason got to go several years ago (when we were engaged), and it's something he continually goes back to as one of the things that drew his heart to Sov Grace Min! What a treat for ya'll all to get to go and to vacation with friends!!! It wasn't until this post that I realized ya'll went to PC! What a gift!!!

I love your family photo! Looks very familiar...only with different faces : )

Heather said...

Have fun! They've loosened up some on security. I didn't even have to take Keegan out of the meitai when going thru this last time!!! Keeping one kid strapped and in place really helped!