Sunday, April 01, 2007

Look who's standing!

That's right Rylee learned how to pull up to standing this week. She loves her new skill too. She gets so excited and slaps the couch or chair that she's holding on to. She'll attempt to pull up on anything, people, chairs, toys, couches. Poor thing hasn't mastered getting down smoothly yet. So she has fallen back on her head a few times on her attempt down. It doesn't bother her though. She's get's right back up and tries again. She amazes me with her physical ability! She reminds me a lot of Trevor as a baby. Except she sleeps at night :-)


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Daukas- SHE IS SO CUTE!!
How exciting!

Scott & Jessica said...

Hey Tara! That girl is such a sweetie! I can't believe Rylee is already on the move and standing up?? Enjoying your postings like always. Love ya, Jess