Sunday, April 29, 2007

Strawberry teething

Rylee is working on cutting her two top teeth. Poor girl she started in Maryland and they still haven't broken through. I went in to get her one morning this week and there was blood on her sheets and dried blood on her gums! So they're coming....
I bought this teether and she has enjoyed the various things I'll put in there. However, I don't think she has enjoyed anything as much as the strawberry. Here are a few pics:


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Daukas,
She is so cute! I hope her teeth come in soon...poor thing!
love ya,

Shawnda said...

What a sweetie!! We're feeling the teething pain over here too! BUT Karis hasn't gotten ANY come rough! She's feeling it, but they just aren't busting their way through! I've told Jason a few times I'm going to "pray them in", but doesn't seem like that's the way the Lord sees it! ; ) Hope they come through soon!!!!! Blood....sounds like a good sign, I think!