Monday, April 09, 2007

Goodbye for now...

5 packed to the max suitcases- check
1 toy filled Thomas the train backpack- check
1 book filled pink backpack- check
1 computer laptop bag-check
1 diaper bag- check
2 portable dvd players fully loaded- check
2 car seats-check
1 double stroller with baby bjorn- check
Dad's written out strategy of how to get through security with all of the above-check
One very good sense of humor and loads of Tylenol.... uh, check

That's right the Daukas' are heading to Gaithersburg Maryland tomorrow. Which means we are taking all of the above AND our three little ones and boarding a plane for just under 5 hrs! Before you start questioning our sanity let us explain. Chris and I have our highly anticipated leader's conference Wednesday through Saturday. We LOVE this conference and it was five years ago that we attended as visitors and met with Steve Shank to talk through applying to Pastor's College. And our beloved friends The Dustin's have so graciously offered to take all of our kids while we stay at the hotel with the pastoral team and attend the conference. It gets even better... we return to the Dustin's for another four days for some catching up with our friends and vacationing! So we would love your prayers for safe travel, calm quiet kids on the plane and that God would teach us new things about himself while we are there! Until next week...

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Carrie said...

HAVE FUN!!!! I am praying for that plane ride! :~)