Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sickness doesn't stop life... or kids

I've been fighting a sinus infection for a week now. I got on antibiotics a couple of days ago and although I still don't feel 100%, I'm on the mend. As you moms out there know being sick just slows you down but life doesn't stop. Nor do dishes, laundry and the kids sure don't stop being kids because mommy's sick. Well Trevor saw my weakness and went for it. The vaseline that is... not just any vaseline but the one I use for rectal thermometers. Rylee has had a low grade fever with her teething and for a few days I was taking her temperature often to make sure she wasn't coming down with what I had. Well I took her temperature and laid her down for a nap. I came back and put a movie on for Trevor, totally forgetting the vaseline was still on the floor. Now any other kid, like say Taylor when she was two, I would've been fine. But I have to be on top of my game with Trevor- if there's trouble to find, he finds it! I remember looking over while doing the dishes and thinking wow he's looking really tired. However, I took a closer look and saw it wasn't that he was tired, it was just vaseline stuck to his face making his eyes look half closed!

Man that's stuff hard to get out. Just a note in case you ever have this happen. Don't use water to get it off... it doesn't work and makes it worse. I tried to get as much as I could out with a dry towel and then after many, many, shampoo tries and a day later, his hair is still greasy and sticking straight up. Lucky for me it goes along with his style! You can kind of see the grease in the picture I took today of him. Thank goodness he's cute :-)


Lory said...

That's hilarious, Tara! Good for you...running to get the camera!!

meg said...

oh my gosh! that is totally something madelyn would do... i'll be praying for ya! :)