Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Attitude Update

Things are going great at New Attitude. I spoke with Chris late last night and he informed me that he was recruited, again, to be a community group leader. He was a leader up until a week ago and he had asked to be replaced due to how sick he was feeling. Well, they replaced him and ended up needed his replacement for another group whose leader didn't show up and Chris is now the leader, once again, for his original group. Half of the group is from PHX so that makes it a lot of fun! Two of the people in his group are from the rebelution Blog. They are live blogging the conference and put a post up this morning about their community group. They also posted some pictures. One shows a couple guys from our church, Andrew, David, Ryan and Chris' hand.... LOL! Almost made it to the picture honey :-)

These guys are doing a great job of blogging the conference! I love being able to follow along with all the blogs and feel like I'm "there" with everyone!

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Shawnda said...

Seems the Lord really wanted to use him there...and has a very specific group in mind for him! May the Lord give him wisdom and discernment as he leads!

How are you holding up?

Church was SO different this morning - there were so many people gone for New Attitude(!)....and I'm sure Memorial Day weekend as well : )