Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A unexpected gift

I hope all the mother's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. We had fun honoring two of the best mother's I know, who are also two incredible grandma's. Saturday night we went to Chris' parents and had a homemade lasagna dinner. It was a great time of hanging out and letting the kids play. They have this really cool motorized car in the back yard that the kids love to play with! On Sunday I got my yearly mother day's gift at church, a $5 starbucks card! Thanks Pastor's of Sovereign Grace. After naps we took the kids to my mom's house to celebrate with her. We swam for awhile and ate my favorite, Pei Wei's. Unfortunately Chris began to feel ill there and he left early on in the evening. Thanks to my parents and Uncle Ryan and Aunt Danae I was able to stay for the evening and it was another great night of hanging out. Yesterday was going to be the day we celebrated "my" Mother's Day but with Chris being ill that didn't happen. Oh well! I know there are cards somewhere in this house for me... I'm sure I'll get them one day :-) Even though there was no official celebration or official gifts from my family this year I did recieve something very special. After a long day I put the two girls down and sat and cuddled with Trevor. He is always so sweet with me. Constantly kissing me, hugging me... I enjoy our "cuddle time". Well while we were sitting together I said " I love you Trevor" and as clear as day he looked up at me and said " I love you Mommy!" What a wonderful gift! My son said I love you Mommy for the first time! A few mintues later he went off and threw a tantrum... but hey I now know he loves me :-)


Heather said...

I can't imagine a better gift, Tara!!!

Carrie said...

Toby just did the same thing yesterday! The first, "I love you!" I'm glad you had fun with the fam! Happy mother's day! You're a great mom, and I am encouraged by your example!

Shawnda said...

SO precious! What a sweet gift from the Lord to allow Trevor to say he loves you for the first time on Mother's Day!!!