Sunday, May 06, 2007

Trip to Prescott

Yesterday Chris and I with the kids and the creative team for twentyfour:seven took a trip up to Prescott to check out a camp. It was a success in more ways than one. The kids did great on the two hour ride up there and back and the camp was beautiful! It will be perfect for our 2007 winter reatreat! It even snowed on us while we were up there! Really, snow in AZ, in May, Crazy!

Our friends Jeff & Ruth, soon to be married, took these pics while were at a quick McDonalds stop to feed Rylee.

Jeff on his site put the caption "How the Daukas family always looks". I appreciate your sincerity Jeff...really... lol
Oh and if looks like my hair is crazy in the back it's because Trevor hand is under my hair playing with it.

Thanks guys for a great day trip! And thanks Jeff for the photo's.


Jenni Smith said...

the b&w photos are priceless. miss you guys so much already!

Andrea said...

wow, those are some seriously good pictures!