Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Great High Priest

I was so encouraged by today's entry in Morning and Evening. I got a call this morning from my mom who had read the entry before I did. She was enocouraged by these words and knew I would be as well. Thanks mom for calling me and caring for me!

"We are told that the Captain of our salvation was made perfect through suffering; therefore we who are sinful and who are far from being perfect must not wonder if we are called to pass through suffering too... But there is one very comforting thought in the fact of Christ's being made perfect through suffering- it is that He can have complete sympathy with us. He is not a high priest who is "unable to sympathize with our weaknesses." In this sympathy of Christ we find a sustaining power. One of the early martyrs said, " I can bear it all, for Jesus suffered and he suffers in me now; He sympathizes with me, and this makes me strong." Believer, grasp this thought in every agonizing experience. Let the thought of Jesus strengthen you as you follow in His steps. " Spurgeon

Now I have not had "agonizing experiences" this week but I know others who have. I've seen Jesus be their Great high priest. For me it's sometimes in the day in and day out of caring for cranky, whiny kids, who I love very much, where I grow weary. How wonderful it is to know that Jesus is their strengthening me as I walk in His steps.

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