Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Are you ready to meet God?

Walking out of his father's hospital room where just moments earlier his father passed away, John Piper(pastor,author,speaker), asks a young man " Are you ready to meet God?"

I once heard in a sermon that the statistics are quite surprising when it comes to death. 100 out or 100 people will die! Yet it is so easy to go about our days forgetting the inevitable. We will all stand before a holy judge one day. William S.H. Piper was ready to face his maker. He has lived a God glorifying, fearing life and left behind an incredible legacy. John Piper penned a journal entry the night his father died and has humbly shared it on his blog. Here is a taste of what you'll find:

Tuesday, March 6, 2007. 2 a.m.

The big hospital clock in room 4326 of Greenville Memorial Hospital said, with both hands straight up, midnight. Daddy had just taken his last breath. My watch said 12:01, March 6, 2007.

I had slept a little since his last morphine shot at ten. One ear sleeping, one on the breathing. At 11:45, I awoke. The breaths were coming more frequently and were very shallow. I will not sleep again, I thought. For ten minutes, I prayed aloud into his left ear with Bible texts and pleadings to Jesus to come and take him. I had made this case before, and this time felt an unusual sense of partnership with Daddy as I pressed on the Lord to relieve this warrior of his burden.

I finished and lay down. Good. Thank you, Lord. It will not be long. And, grace upon grace, hundreds of prayers are being answered: He is not choking. The gurgling that threatened to spill over and drown him in the afternoon had sunk deep, and now there was simple clear air, shorter and shorter. I listened from where I lay next to him on a foldout chair.

That’s it. I rose and waited. Will he breathe again? Nothing. Fifteen or twenty seconds, and then a gasp. I was told to expect these false endings. But it was not false. The gasp was the first of two. But no more breaths. I waited, watching. No facial expressions. His face had frozen in place hours before. One more jerk. That was all. Perhaps an eyebrow twitch a moment later. Nothing more.

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Let Piper's question be asked of you today: Are you ready to meet God?

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