Friday, March 09, 2007

Trevor's First Swim Lesson

Today was Trevor's first swim lesson at the swim school. We have been blessed to have our good friend Becky Ross as a teacher. She started teaching Taylor at age two and Taylor been going on and off since. She is doing AMAZING by the way. She has mastered freestyle, backstroke getting their with butterfly and is starting to learn breaststroke! Why so young you ask? Well in AZ there are pools everywhere (including my parents house) and sadly all summer long you hear about drowning after drowning. So we view it as a survival skill. And really up until age four survival skills are all they are taught. Another reason we picked swimming over other sports is because Chris swam all throughout high school and went to college with a swimming scholarship. So you never know it could be in their blood! I for the record swam competively too when I was young but once I hit high school the 5am practice was too much. I still dislike 5am :-)

Taylor & Trevor are completely opposite in almost every way and it's no different when it comes to the pool. We enrolled Taylor because she was scared to death of the pool. If she ever feel in she would completely freak out and drown. Trevor on the other hand has NO fear and will jump in a pool at any given opportunity! Did I mention my parents have a pool...
Ok so here's some pictures from the morning.

doesn't look to bad huh? Well once he figured out it wasn't going to be all fun & games he screamed the entire lesson! I mean screamed at the top of his lungs. And guess what his teacher Becky told me afterwards... he'll be way easier to teach then Taylor! Haha! Thank you Becky for putting up with mine and countless others crying children!

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