Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Chris

Today is Chris' Birthday. We have had a fun few days of celebrating. For our date weds night we went to the Keg steak house and Gainey Ranch afterwards. It was a beautiful night! We enjoyed a gondola ride and spent some time talking outside while listening to live music. For his birthday I got him a new golf club. I was really excited for this gift and thankfully he was really excited to recieve it. Something you may not know about my husband is that he is a very contented man. I know a great fit for me. He will wear things into the ground without ever complaining or desiring something new or better. Pastor's have been known to give him shoes, clothes, wallets etc. I usually have to throw old stuff in the trash to force him to go buy something new! It really is a great quality, one I could learn from! So being married to him for almost seven years now I know that one, he loves golf and two, in seven years he hasn't bought anything that would improve his game. So with the help of the dad's I got him a new hybrid golf club.

For our singles care group thursday night everyone showed up early to surprise Chris. I had prepared a spaghetti dinner for Chris and the group. Perhaps the most excited for this suprise was Taylor. She helped all day getting ready and could hardly contain herself waiting for everyone to arrive. This week was not only Chris' birthday but two other guys as well. We took the night to eat, honor the guys with encouragement and eat some more. It was a great night. And tonight, for our final night of celebration, Chris and I's parents are coming over for dessert and a mean game of Hand and Foot.

The birthday boys were given this shirt as a present!


Carrie said...

How fun! Happy birthday, Chris! Glad to hear the results from your MRI, Tara! You crack me up with the "mommy brain" thing! It's true... no one tells you before you have kids that the way God makes their little brains is by taking from your own:~) You find yourself repeating a story you just told someone 5 min. earlier or running around your house looking for a pen you have been holding in your hand the whole time (or showing up an hour late for your niece's birthday party b/c you could have sworn your sister-in-law said it was the next weekend... sorry Taylor)! :~)

Brandy said...

You guys are too cute together!! I hope you have a great time tonight with the parents. Happy Birthday Chris!