Wednesday, March 14, 2007

God who Saves

I was reminded afresh last night that it is God who saves! On Tuesday nights, for six weeks, our church hosts a class called Life 101. It is, after date night, my favorite night of the week. Life 101 for you old sovereign grace folks is our church's version of Alpha. It's a place to invite unbelievers or maybe new believers seeking to grow in their faith. Guests arrive and are greeted warmly by some members from our church. They'll then join a table of six to ten people, eat a nice dinner, hear a talk on who Jesus is and afterwards a table leader will lead a discussion. Their are a couple of things I love about Life 101. One is seeing people from our church giving up a night to serve others. It can often be a family event. Some teens and singles serve in childcare, we have table servers, greeters and of course as I mentioned earlier table leaders. In many ways it reminds me of when Chris and I planted a church. To see members come and take ownership of life 101 and evangelize to their friends is well very refreshing!

Chris and I like to attend but we also like to invite. We haven't always had success in our invitation. Last life 101 class we invited our neighbors. Out of the three sets we invited the one we thought was least likely to come, came. They finshed the class and now are attending the church regularly and continue to seek and ask questions about Jesus. So this class we again invited our other neighbors. One set we've invitied four or five times. I'm so thankful for my husband who is persistent. Chris again invited him Monday and last night he came. He is not a believer but is very open and curious about Christianity. He sat with Chris and after the class asked him what we mean when we say "we are saved". Chris had a great discussion with him and he said next week he is going to bring his family! Also last night my aunt who I invited came for the first time and brought her niece and nephew! So Chris sat with our neighbor at one table and I sat with my aunt and her guests at another. During the message I was praising God for the miracle of salvation! So many different faces in the room, many not saved but in God's sovereignty came last night and heard the gospel. Seeds were planted and I pray that God will do HIS saving work in their life!

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Shawnda said...

convicting!!! Thank you so much for sharing this, sister! We are always hearing testimonies of God's grace through Alpha!!! Ahhh...there's NOTHING like seeing God's grace at work and seeing lives radically changed by the Spirit! It IS refreshing!!!! This gets me excited to think about who we can invite!! : )