Thursday, March 22, 2007

Week in Review

Some exciting things have been happening in the Daukas household. Way more exciting than MRI's! Rylee has cut her first two teeth!! Her first bottom tooth broke through the skin last week and the other broke through this morning. We are all rejoicing... teething is no fun for baby or mommy :-) But even in her misery she is still a sweet thing. Also, Rylee has mastered crawling. She began around five months and this past month she has gotten quicker and moved from an army crawl to a hands and knees crawl. Lately I'll find her in the kitchen, hallway, trevor's room. She is quite the explorer!

There has also been some sweet moments with the kids enjoying Rylee. They'll get on the floor and crawl with her or sit and play with her. There is even one toy that gets all three playing together! She gets the biggest kick out of her brother and sister.


Heather said...

Those pictures are just precious!!!

Brandy said...

You have some pretty cute kids, girl! I love the ones with Trevor and Rylee admiring each other and doing the diaper-only fashion. I miss you guys!!