Monday, March 10, 2008

Chris' New Attitude Article

Wanted to let you know that my husband wrote an article for New Attitude's blog and they put it up today. Read his article and more about New Attitude here: Jesus, Meet My Unbelieving Family.

Speaking of New Attitude... Chris & I just bought our tickets. This will be my first year attending and I'm very excited to join Chris and the singles of our church on this trip!

Oh and feel free to leave any encouraging comments for my husband here :-)


Liz said...

Chris -

What an amazing article - you write so well, and what you said was a helpful reminder to us! Also wanted to let you know that a couple weeks ago we stayed home from church as some of us were sick, and so we listened to our favorite pastor and speaker give his message on Acts 4 - what a wonderful message! Even the kids listened to every word! Chris you have become a wonderfully captivating speaker with MUCH wisdom!! We love you!

The Dustins

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Minneapolis. My name Essam and I happened to run across your blog this evening. I really enjoyed your husbands article - it spoke to me. As a devout Muslim I identify strongly with what the two of you are going through. I recently converted to Islam and struggled with the fact that my brother remains an athiest. Your devotion to convert family members to your faith is honarable. I will following your blog closely. I leave with our muslim saying "inshallah" or Allah (God) willing.
Good night.

melinda said...

Awesome article Daukas! It was a great reminder to apply the Gospel and the hope that the Gospel gives us to our family--I so easily fall into all of the sins you described. I was very encouraged in reading your words! I am in awe at all that God is doing in your and Tara's lives to encourage and bless others. Who would have thought ten years ago that we could say we knew you when!