Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rylee the Aspiring Musician

All of our kids have taken to music in one way or another. Really what choice did they have :-) Recently it's been Rylee who loves music. Even as a baby, the one thing that would soothe her was by playing music. Now as a toddler she has this high pitched sing song voice that she switches into when a song comes on. It's so cute!

I've been playing the piano a lot more lately working on some memory verse songs for an upcoming project. Occasionally I'll let the kids be in there with me and they get a kick out of playing/banging along with me. Well the other night Rylee was crying and whining for something and I couldn't quite figure out why? I asked, "Rylee what do you want sweetie?" She would reply "dis" and point to the hallway. I said, "Rylee show me what you are talking about" and she went to my closed bedroom door and pointed "dis". I figured she wanted to play in the bathtub or toilet, being that is where I usually find her when I leave my door open, but she had peeked my interest so I opened the door and she ran to my keyboard, climbed up onto the chair and started playing and singing. Ah, a little girl after my own heart!


Shawnda said...

SO precious!!!! And a new memory vs project!!! Wooohoooo!

Sarah said...

Since you are on the topic of music, I figured I would let you know how much we love the Ephesians memory verse CD. It's what we've been looking to get my little brother for the past few years and it's just great that God provided us with this. I noticed it said "Volume II" Is there a Volume I that would happen to be available to purchase? If not, we will keep on loving this one and wait for Volume III and hope it's available again to us.

Thanks again for letting us know about it. It's such a blessing!

Liz said...

Tara - what a BEAUTIFUL shot! I noticed your photography skills have become amazing! The picture of Taylor reading a book looked professional, and the one of Rylee's hand on the piano, wow! Also, I cannot believe that Taylor is reading chapter books. She is a VERY bright girl, very gifted. You will have FUN homeschooling her!!

Tara said...

Sarah I'm so glad you and your family are enjoying the CD! There is a volume 1, the quality of it is not as great, but my kids don't know the difference and enjoy both!

Thanks Liz for the compliment! I am definitely enjoying my new hobby and still have ALOT to learn! Can you recommend any good chapter books?